rejuvenate your face with prp treatment

While the prevalence of PRP treatment for hair regrowth is normal, most people don't know about the concept of PRP facials. If you are wondering how the concept and the treatment gained recognition in the first place, it was all Kim Kardashian. Her raving about this one skincare treatment created a trend, leading to more and more people not just trying out PRP treatment for face but seeing notable results from it.

The treatment not just rejuvenates the youthfulness of the face, it also restores the natural glow and further stimulates the growth of newer and healthier cells on the face. It heals damaged skin and delays the risks of early signs of aging that many men and women complain about.

Here, we will be discussing everything there is to know about PRP face treatment, and it is a leading skincare treatment everyone is raving about.

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  1. What is PRP Facial?
  2. How does PRP Treatment Rejuvenate your Face?
  3. What is the Procedure of PRP Treatment for Face?
  4. How long Does it Take to Show Results?
  5. Cost of PRP treatment in Delhi

Take Away

1. What is PRP Facial?

Like any other PRP therapy, the process for PRP facials is pretty much the same. The doctor or aesthetician starts by drawing blood from the patient's body to separate the platelet-rich plasma for the treatment.

Once the blood is drawn, the same is transferred into a centrifuge to separate it into three segments.

  • Red blood cells
  • Platelet-rich plasma
  • Platelet-poor plasma 

In the PRP treatment or PRP facial, a client uses their body’s plasma and platelets on the face to instill a rejuvenated and fresh look. The treatment helps heal the damaged tissues on the skin and restores the inner glow and shine on the face.

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2. How does PRP Treatment Rejuvenate Your Face?

While most of our body is covered in clothes, our facial skin is exposed to the UV rays of the sun and the pollution around us. This contributes to damage and thinning over time.

PRP facials use the platelet-rich plasma from the individual’s body that helps stimulate and promote the growth of healthy skin cells and tissues and getting rid of the dead skin cells around. This therapy works because platelets are responsible for healing soft tissue injuries in the body, thereby promoting the growth of the new skin cells on the face.

Also, the platelet cells are composed of a range of healing factors that target issues like skin pigmentation and scarring on the face. Since PRP facial uses targeted treatment methods, the professional will focus more on the troubled areas on the face, allowing you to see substantial results over time.

The extracted platelets from the client’s blood are also enriched with protein and growth factors, which help with the PRP skin treatment for expected results. Microneedling of the platelets into the skin further boosts blood circulation as well, helping with skin rejuvenation and firmness.

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3. What is the Procedure of PRP Treatment for Face?

The procedure of PRP treatment for the face is quite extensive. If you plan to undergo the procedure, we’d highly recommend consulting the best skin clinic in Delhi for promising results.

Following are the steps involved in the treatment:

  • The patient is asked to sit in the treatment room, where a technician extracts a small amount of blood (equivalent to two tablespoons). The blood is transferred to a centrifuge and then treated for 10-15 minutes to separate the red blood cells, platelets and plasma.
  • The protein-rich plasma is extracted from the centrifuge to help with skin rejuvenation and facial tissue repair.
  • Before applying the platelet-rich plasma, the doctor or technician will apply a thin layer of numbing cream on the face to reduce the pain and discomfort later during micro-needling.
  • Your facial skin might also be treated with hyaluronic acid to restore hydration in the skin.
  • Once the face is prepped, the extracted plasma is applied all over the face and a micro-needling device is used to puncture the skin superficially to allow the plasma to seep into the deeper layers of the skin. This promotes collagen growth.
  • Following the treatment, you will notice a distant pain, which is normal. You might experience redness and a minor inflammation too.

Generally, a person might have to undergo multiple sessions of the PRP treatment for skin and face every 4-6 weeks for three consecutive times, depending on how well an individual responds to the treatment in the first go.

benefits of prp for face

4. How long Does it Take to Show Results?

Once the PRP skin treatment is done, it will take you some time to see significant results. Most clinics will advise you to undergo three treatments spaced out across 4-6 weeks to see better results.

The first month after the first session shows significant changes and improvements to the skin’s texture. The collagen production in the skin can take up to 3 months, which means you will have to wait for that period to witness the ideal discourse after the treatment.

The effect of the PRP treatment stays for a year or two before you have to consider undergoing the procedure again. Some patients even undergo brief touch-ups every 6-8 months to sustain the treatment results longer.

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5. Cost of PRP treatment in Delhi

The PRP treatment cost in Delhi generally ranges between INR 10,000 to INR 15,000 per session. However, the numbers are subjective and depend on where you are getting the treatment done. Generally, you can estimate INR 50,000 to INR 60,000 for the three consecutive sessions you rightfully need to undergo.

Some of the common factors that influence the cost are:

  • The skin care clinic you are getting the treatment done from
  • The level of sophistication involved with respect to the equipment and infrastructure
  • The city you are getting the treatment done in
  • The charges levied by the aesthetician and their team
  • The total number of sessions your face and skin needs

It is always better to book an initial consultation with a skin specialist in Delhi before moving ahead with the procedure.

Take Away

If you aren’t very fond of invasive procedures for skin rejuvenation and healing, the PRP treatment in Delhi is a leading procedure you can look into. Not only is it safe, but it is also very effective in delaying signs of aging, promoting skin healing, and reducing skin damage in the future. The recovery is pretty quick, and there is no downtime involved, which is always reassuring.

At Clair Skin Care, you will find the best guidance from trained professionals and skincare specialists to help you improve the appearance and texture of your skin using PRP therapy and other available treatments.