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Excessive Body Hair

  • Permanent Hair Reduction

  • There are numerous ways to get rid of body hair redundancy at the surface or by the root. What is the more important is to fined a how removed method that works best for desired results.

    The temporary methods of hair removal include shaving, tweezing or waxing. But if one is bored of using these methods and looking for a permanent solution then you can opt. for the procedure that damages the hair fallen to minimise hair growth. After a few sessions you can throw away your razor or cancel your waxing appointments.

  • The Technology of Hair Reduction

  • IPL or intense pulsed light is more than just zapping unwanted hair. It is a medical procedure that targets the hair roots. If you are planning to undergo permanent hair removal, you should tenet plucking, waxing or another’s expiation method which temporarily remove the hair roots.

    IPL uses broad spectrum wavelength to target and will hair roots. The IPL shells go deep roots. The hair , gets absorbed by measles pigment of hair popular. The shrink each hair before it can expert, significantly impendency hair growth.

    It is important to know that hair in active growth phase ( Anagen) are affected by the treatment and all hairs are in different places of growth cycle at the time of session therefore multiply session are required to achieved desired results.

    • An average of 7 – 10 sessions is needed for considerable hair redundancy.
    • Treatment sessions are 4 – 6 weeks apart.
    • Apart from clearer, smoother & hair free skin treatment also boats benefits including reduction of ingrown hairs.

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