Smoking causes skin darkening

Smoking cigarettes has never been a fruitful habit. The cons it brings are hazardous to your health in several ways. Cigarettes are stuffed with toxins that surely cause damage to your system internally. Of all the negative repercussions that cigarette smoking brings, skin darkening and skin damage are the most frequent. If you are a chain smoker, you are likely to experience several conditions like early aging, saggy skin, skin cancer, and many more to add to the list. According to the finest skin specialist in Delhi, smoking causes skin darkening and various other skin problems. When you smoke regularly, the blood vessels supplying blood to your skin constrict, which deprives your skin of the required nutrients and antioxidants. It adds to skin darkening on the face and lips as well. To know more about smoking and skin darkening, let's dive further.

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  1. Smoking and Skin Darkening
  2. Other skin issues you might get due to Smoking
  3. Skin darkening treatment In Delhi

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1. Smoking and skin darkening

Being a smoker, it is difficult to resist the urge. Once you become addicted to smoking, the effects become visible in your skin. Even our skin requires nutrients, antioxidants, and vitamins to stay healthy. When you smoke regularly, the toxins in the cigarettes preclude the delivery of oxygen and other vital nutrients to the blood vessels of your skin. Upon incessant lack of such vitamins and antioxidants, your skin tone gets dull. Smoking increases the melanin pigment in the skin, thus resulting in skin darkening. The best dermatologist in Delhi has confirmed through his research and studies that skin darkening reduces gradually when you quit smoking. Within weeks of quitting cigarettes, you can feel the difference in your skin tone- it gets lighter and brighter.

The effects of smoking are not only limited to the skin darkening on your face but also the pigmentation of your lips. Smokers often have dull and dark lips which denote their addiction to cigarettes. Smoking causes skin darkening and damages the skin tone as well. Even at an early age, your skin loses its charm and radiance. The effects of smoking are visible on your face and fingers too. When you puff cigarettes, day in and day out, your fingers get accustomed to continuous heat, which results in yellowing of the skin. Toxins in cigarettes are not only hazardous for your internal organs but also damages your skin.

Addiction never pays off well. Cigarettes are fused with toxins like nicotine and tar. On regular acquaintance with such harmful substances, you are giving an edge to skin darkening and pigmentation. Nicotine habit can be the foremost cause of your pale and dull skin tone. You can visibly witness your tear-stained fingers, which is a clear sign of your addiction to smoking. There are chances of getting uneven skin tone as well. You may see dark patches on your skin which can embarrass you socially.

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2. Other skin issues you might get due to smoking

Besides skin darkening, cigarette smoking invites a plethora of skin issues. Below are discussed some of the skin problems that smoking aggravates:

  • Premature ageing: Many skin specialists in Delhi believe that your skin loses its elasticity and suppleness when you get addicted to smoking. The toxins in cigarettes affect the collagen and elastin in your skin. That, in turn, edges your fine lines and wrinkles, resulting in early ageing.
  • Sagging of skin: Cigarettes are known to have over 4000 chemicals in them, the majority of which are carcinogenic. These chemicals are likely to loosen your skin and result in sagging.
  • Tar stains and lip darkening: Tar is amongst the toxic substances that accelerate skin darkening. Chain smokers are likely to have tar-stained fingers, which are the aftereffect of continuous sucking and puffing. The nicotine in cigarettes also gives way to dark and pigmented lips.
  • Slower healing of wounds: Smoking causes vascular constriction, which worsens the wound healing process. As per most dermatologists in Delhi, before undergoing any surgery, the patients should quit smoking, as it may take a longer time to heal their incision. On smoking, a minor cut can take days to revive.
  • Vasculitis: Smokers are more likely to have Buerger’s Disease, a type of Vasculitis. The constricted blood vessel aggravates vasculitis.
  • Skin cancer: Smoking increases the chances of getting skin cancer or Squamous cell carcinoma, which often affects the lips of the smoker.
  • Psoriasis: This inflammatory condition gets aggravated with regular smoking. Nicotine affects the immune system, which can intensify psoriasis.
  • Acne Inversa: There are several instances where smoking has contributed to acne inversa. Although other factors are augmenting Acne Inversa, people who smoke are likely to have a worse experience.
  • Telangiectasia: Nicotine is likely to constrict blood vessels in the skin, thus intensifying the condition of Telangiectasia.

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 Effects of smoking on the skin

3. Skin darkening treatment in Delhi

Smoking causes skin darkening and other skin-related problems. Due to smoking, the melanin in the skin increases and makes your skin dull and pale. To cater to the condition of pale and uneven skin tone, many skin clinics in Delhi are offering the best skin darkening treatment. Smoking can contribute to early ageing and the appearance of wrinkles. Skin treatments like the use of chemical peels, laser treatment, etc., can be used to pave away the signs of premature ageing and skin darkening. Chemical peels can brighten your skin tone and lessen the fine lines and wrinkles. Delhi houses some of the best skin clinics. They offer modern treatment techniques for the latest skin problems that smoking can aggravate.

Take Away

Skin darkening is a prevalent matter of concern with the rise in the number of smokers. Besides skin darkening, smoking is augmenting several skin problems. Clair Skin Clinic in Delhi is your ideal destination to treat all skin darkening and related issues. They house the best dermatologist in Delhi and treat you ideally as per your concern. With modern technological treatment, this skin clinic ensures complete patient satisfaction.

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