Dermatologist and skin specialist in Delhi

A report published by Indian Express in 2019 hinted at how skin problems have risen by 30% in Delhi because of pollution. The fast-changing lifestyle and the rising pollution levels have made skin problems widespread in Delhi.

Thus to treat this medical condition, one needs to connect with a dermatologist in Delhi. And for that, you can easily connect with our professionals at Clair's Skin clinic.

At Clair's Skin clinic, you will be treated by the best dermatologist in New Delhi. We are known to provide the best treatment to the patients at the most affordable pricing. To book an appointment, click on our official website of Clair's or visit our clinic in person.

Clair Skin Clinic is a dynamic, constantly developing organization that provisions doctors with restorative and pharmaceutical items having some expertise in Medical aesthetics.

Everybody wants wonderful skin and perfect hair . We at Clair Skin aesthetic clinic comprehend this goal. It is a one stop destination for all skin and hair care solutions . Our goal is to understand your need, recommend the best solution and customize a treatments plan that would help in achieving the desired results.

Our anti ageing treatments, skin enhancement and hair restoration treatments help you enjoy the real you for many more years to come. We also pioneer in laser hair reduction, permanent makeup and medificials.

Our team of skilled, experienced and qualified dermatologist in Delhi & latest and mordern treatment techniques ensure satisfactory and wow experience.

"Beauty is being comfortable and confident in your own skin".

About Clair Skin Clinic

We at Clair's Skin clinic believe "Beauty is being comfortable and confident in your own skin." Since our inception, we have been working hard to provide the best to our patients. Clair's professionals have been working earnestly to provide the patients with the best solution and customized treatment plan. We help the patients achieve their desired results.

We provide treatment facilities like skin enhancement, anti-aging treatments, hair restoration treatments, and others. We pioneer in laser hair reduction, medi-facials, and permanent makeup.

We are a team of highly qualified, skilled, and experienced skin specialists in Delhi. At Clair's Skin clinic, we have the latest and modern treatment techniques to provide our patients with the best service. We provide our patients with precise and satisfactory results.

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What Makes Us Different from Others?

The professionals at Clair's Skin clinic promote and practice ethical practices. Unlike our other counterparts, only the best is provided here. We efficiently treat more than 3000 skin disorders at the most affordable pricing.

The clinic comprises the latest and upgraded equipment that allows the patients to access the best and most efficient treatment plan. We keep ourselves equipped with the latest and most advanced equipment and methods. Clair's professionals treat the patients with compassion and empathy. We are fully committed to improving the lives of our patients.

Most importantly, at Clair's Skin clinic, you will get to access multiple facilities under one roof.

"Beauty is being comfortable and confident in your own skin"

Why is Clair Skin the best skin clinic in Delhi?

Who wouldn’t want to flaunt flawless skin? A laudable skin and velvety hair form the most admirable aesthetics for anyone. Clair skin clinic in Delhi comprehends this goal in the true sense of terms. Our best dermatologist in New Delhi positively tries to understand the needs of our patients and guide the best possible solution for them. The treatment plan is specifically customized to suit the varied needs of every individual. Our skin specialist in Delhi hail with proficient qualifications graced with exquisite training. State of art equipment is used to provide the most ravishing results. Our skin specialist in Delhi particularly specialize in the following treatments-

  • Anti-aging treatments to help you feel all the younger.
  • Skin treatments, including treatment of stubborn acne.
  • Laser hair removal
  • Hair restoration treatments for dandruff, hair thinning and hair fall
  • Body treatment
  • Scar removal (pigmentation, skin mole, warts, skin tags)
  • Permanent face makeup and Medi facials related thereto

Clair skin clinic in Delhi is most conveniently accessible. You can book your appointments online through an email, phone call, or even a text message. If you fear being operated upon, it is advisable to pay a visit to Clair Skin clinic in Delhi or any other feasible location. Clair’s skin specialist in Delhi will harmoniously guide you and will inform the alternatives available. It is a one-stop solution for all your hair and skin problems.

Best Dermatologist in Delhi at Clair Skin Clinic

Clair Skin Clinic in Delhi believes that it is the expertise of the surgeon and the devotedness of the patient that together makes surgery a success. It is very important for you to pick the right skin specialist in Delhi who meticulously perceives your problems. It is precisely because the lack of competence may potentially affect the success of your treatment. So make sure you don't get careless while selecting your dermatologist.

Clair skin clinic in Delhi assures you of the intelligence of the best dermatologist in New Delhi. Our skin specialist in Delhi is particularly equipped with comprehensive experience. They are well qualified and keep them regularly updated regarding the advancements made in medical sciences. Our dermatologist in Delhi works with commitment towards improving the lives of their patients. You can always check our reviews in case of any ambiguity. Our skin specialist in Delhi is the best dermatologist in Delhi. They are guided by compassion and instilled with kindness. A patient pre-surgery consultation is given to the patient. This is followed by the surgery itself if need be. Their job isn’t done yet! This best dermatologist in New Delhi carefully monitors their patients post the surgery. Regular appointments are fixed to ensure that the post-operative care is adhered to. Medications are prescribed and recovery tips are given to give effect to a speedy recovery. It is no less than a fortune to avail all these services under a single roof. Pay a visit and witness it by yourself!

Our Procedures

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Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

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Body Treatment

Body Treatment

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Skin Treatment

Skin Treatment

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Hair Treatment

Hair Treatment

Rejuvinating your skin through the ages

Your skin untouched by time

Modern skin,Timeless care

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Why Choose Clair Skin Clinic for the Best Dermatologist and skin specialist in Delhi?

Choose Clair's Skin clinic because you will get the following services at the most affordable pricing here:

Also, Clair's has the best dermatologist in Delhi.

  • Approved Equipments

    We utilize standard US FDA affirmed hardware adjusting to the most elevated universal Standards.

  • Qualified Doctors

    We have a group of profoundly experienced and accommodating specialists which makes your treatment simple.

  • Best Medications

    We have scope of medicines, for example, skin treatment, hair treatment, full body treatment and so on.

  • Advanced Technology

    Every one of our medicines are mechanically cutting-edge, scientiflcally demonstrated and result driven.

  • Easy to Reach us

    Our easy to reach Urgent Care location offers a variety of medical services for you and your family. .

  • Excellent Results

    Over the years,We really focused on doing the best job we could, working hard,getting great results.

Successful Stories

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Clair Skin is outstanding!

Well, the services have been great and satisfying. Got what i was looking for and loved the experience.

Vinay Singh

Always a gentle and renewed.

I had a really good experience.the doctors are very well trained. they're really polite to talk. they really seem to care for the patient.

Harprit Kaur

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Comfortable and clean

I am very happy with clair skin clinic. becz services is too good.and doctors behavior is also good.It felt like they really cared for me.

Alina Sheikh


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FAQs – Answered By Our Dermatologist in Delhi

What does a dermatologist do?

A dermatologist is a specialized doctor/surgeon who treats medical conditions involving nails, hair, and skin. They are specially trained to treat and care for patients with medical issues concerning skin and hair. A dermatologist treats more than 3,000 skin conditions with utmost precision and care.

They treat skin conditions like skin cancer, psoriasis, eczema, allergies, and many others. Book an appointment at Clair's Skin clinic, as we house the best dermatologist in Delhi.

When should I see a dermatologist?

You may be required to visit a dermatologist (skin specialist) if you face medical issues concerning skin, nails, or hair. Some conditions that can prompt you to book an appointment are:

To get the best advice and treatment, connect with our professionals at Clair's Skin clinic. We have the best skin specialist in Delhi.

What are the common services provided by a dermatologist?

Our dermatologist in Delhi treats more than 3000 skin disorders. Some of the most common treatment services that our dermatologist provide are:

If you suffer from any skin conditions, connect with us at Clair's Skin clinic; we are the best skin clinic in Delhi.

Should I see a dermatologist for my thinning hair/hair loss?

Hair loss or hair thinning can be concerning, and if not treated early, it can eventually lead to baldness. Hair fall can be both temporary and permanent.

A dermatologist is the best person to provide you with guidance and treat the problem of hair loss. Book an appointment at Clair's Skin clinic; we have the best skin specialist in Delhi. We can diagnose the root cause and suggest the hair fall treatment accordingly.

Should I consult a dermatologist for laser treatment of skin problems?

Laser treatment can be tricky and can have negative repercussions on the health if not done correctly. It is thus very important that you seek expert guidance before undergoing laser treatment.

Suppose you decide to go ahead with laser skin resurfacing. In that case, our doctor will ask you not to take any medications or supplements for ten days before surgery as it can affect the clotting. If you decide to go for laser treatment for skin, then consult the skin specialist in Delhi to find out if you are a good candidate. 

Thus, only a professional can guide you properly; therefore, you must consult a dermatologist for laser treatment.

Book an appointment at Clair's Skin clinic to get the best care and guidance.