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Thread lift

A gentle, safe & non – surgical procedure to restore the facial contour by targeting the tissues that cause drooping and sagging of face.

There is a wide range of thread types, each of which has specialised structure to target specific areas and achieves finally defined treatment outcomes.

The facial assessment is done by the experts and recommendation is given accordingly for the use of single types of thread or combination of types.

A part from giving mechanical lifting, and tightening, thread also stimulates collagen synthesis around the areas of insertion.

As collagen support structure rebuilds itself it takes over the threads which get absorbed over time. So it is an ongoing procedure that continues to work making skin more firm and regenerated.

What should you do about facial skin laxities, such as jowls and drooping cheeks? Skin rejuvenation procedures via injectables such as Facelift. Right!

It works for many patients, but not everyone is willing to get needles pierced through long hours. Fortunately enough are those who have got to hear about a new type of procedure that's developed to fill in the gap between non-invasive facial rejuvenation and facelift surgery – the Thread Lift in Delhi.

What Is Thread Lift?

A thread lift is a treatment in which synthetic sutures are used to create a faint but noticeable "lift" in the skin. Rather than medically replacing the patient's lax face skin, dermatologists are patching up areas of the skin. This has the impression of slightly drawing the face back, lifting and tightening the face. Thread lift helps in overcoming early signs of aging. In addition to elevating the skin, this method helps give the skin direct massive spurts of collagen to treated areas. This is significant due to the critical role collagen plays in the senescence process.

Which Areas Can a Thread Lift Treat?

Thread Lift is minimally invasive and it works wonder to tighten your loose skin of:

  • 1. Face
  • 2. Chin
  • 3. Cheeks
  • 4. Neck

What makes one go for Thread lift treatment?

Collagen aids in promoting "growth factors," which have a significant impact on our skin. In addition to being utilized to mend wounds, collagen keeps our skin robust, voluminous, and silky. With age, collagen production lessens in our bodies. There is an 80 percent drop in collagen fibers by the age of 70. This loss of volume and strength leads to the development of extra skin and wrinkles.

Clair Skin Clinic is one of the Best Thread lift treatments in Delhi. The team of expert dermatologist in Delhi can treat you with this new method of non-invasive skin upliftment.

Thread lift treatment provides a substitute for surgery for senior people who cannot have surgery due to health reasons. Since thread lifts can be accomplished under local anesthesia, many persons who have age-related illnesses that preclude surgery (such as hypertension, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease) can benefit from this procedure.

How does a thread lift work?


As the skin deteriorates, it can no longer appropriately support the tissues beneath it, causing gravity to pull it downhill and distort it. Introducing fresh collagen into the skin of the face when the indicators of skin laxity are still minor can assist in lessening both looseness and wrinkles. The Thread lift treatment in Delhi serves a lot for skincare.

You first draw the skin up to the desired position during a thread lift. However, the threads are not meant to hold it in place continuously. Rather, they essentially contour your new, revitalized visage and fasten, whereas the collagen works its magic. During the first several weeks following your lift, increased collagen synthesis will begin to rebuild the robust foundation of skin tissue that you had when you were younger. As this occurs, the sutures and threads will be spontaneously ejected and entirely replaced with a new, durable collagen network.

Procedure involved in Thread lift Treatment

The Best Thread lift treatment in Delhi is your guardian angel! Trust us!

A thread lift operation typically takes 30 to 45 minutes. There is little to no downtime, so you can resume your normal routine soon away. There are minor adverse effects, such as moderate discomfort, inflammation, and bruising, which go away after a day or two.

The specialist draws out where each thread will be inserted after identifying portions of drooping skin. To ensure a comfortable, pain-free experience, local anesthesia is administered to the treatment regions. The clinician inserts PDO (Polydioxanone) threads beneath your skin using a cannula. These threads are extremely tiny and feature little cone-like structures down their length. Before being drawn back and stretched, the threads are twisted and sculpted into place.

The cone-shaped structures cling to skin tissue and re-suspend sagging areas, and then threads are then cut to ensure that they are secure and undetectable beneath the skin. People usually prefer facial regions for thread lift treatment, such as cheeks (upper & lower), eyebrow Lift, neck, jawline, skin folds from nose to mouth, the line at the corners of the mouth. Additionally, preferences have been broadened, and even arm Lift, buttocks & abdomen lift are also amongst popular choices.


Miraculous Benefits of Thread lift treatment:

Learn all about the thread lift treatment, and before proceeding to the right clinic, get an insight of benefits for the same.

Instant results: Patients prefer thread lifts over facelifts because the benefits are immediate instead of facelifts, which can take weeks or months to show. After the procedure, you will notice an immediate improvement in the suppleness of your skin and a much more youthfulness. A dissolvable thread is selectively introduced and placed beneath the skin. The thread is then pulled upwards to raise the face.

Less invasive: Thread lift treatment in Delhi is a non-invasive operation because it does not require the use of intrusive equipment. As it's less invasive, there is no chance of scarring. Therefore, thread lift provides tighter skin without the risk of scarring.

Recovering quickly: Unlike traditional plastic surgery, which has a recovery time of many weeks to months, thread lifts have little to no downtime. You can resume your normal activities and return to work that day you undergo a thread lift.

Affordable: When compared to the expense of other skin sculpting treatments, a thread lift is relatively inexpensive, making it an accessible therapy for all.

Boosts self-esteem: Beauty stems from confidence, and if a person is unhappy in their skin, Thread lift treatment in Delhi can help make individuals feel beautiful from within. Many people are unhappy with their wrinkled skin, and a skilled thread lift can be life-changing, enhancing one's attitude.

Choosing the proper Thread lift treatment in Delhi:

When given too many choices, you tend to choose none! Therefore, we minced and bought Clair Skin Clinic for the best results for your loose skin. It gives you no reason to think about it for another second or scroll through another page. And that's because it is a dynamic, ever-expanding organization that supports doctors with restorative and medicinal items as well as medical aesthetics knowledge. You will get the Best Thread lift treatment at Clair's Skin Clinic.

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