Laser Hair Removal on the Face

The desire for facial aesthetics is so much of a trend that laser hair removal of the face has gained quite popularity. Various types of hair removal options are now on the rise, which are 100% safe with effective long-term outcomes. The laser removes unwanted hair in a fraction of seconds that you would wish to zap all undesirable things from your life in the same way. What more can one ask for? Laser therapy also helps you get rid of certain medical conditions which give rise to skin pigmentation due to deep ingrown hair.

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  1. What is laser hair removal treatment on the face?
  2. How much does laser hair removal cost in India?
  3. Factors affecting the cost of laser hair removal on the face
  4. How is it done?
  5. Take Away
  6. FAQs

1. What is laser hair removal treatment on the face?

Laser hair removal of the face is a common cosmetic procedure that has become a favourite flavour for almost everyone, given the demands of increasing body positivity. Concentrated light is beamed into the hair follicles, which is absorbed by the pigment called melanin, present in the hair follicles. This damages the hair follicles, thereby removing them and preventing their regrowth. There are different kinds of lasers, like Alexandrite laser, Diode laser and Nd:YAG laser, which can also be used in combination for laser hair removal on the face.

Laser hair removal for the face works on the theory of targeting the radiation to specific selected sites at the root level of hair that is in stage of active growth. On the basis of hair thickness and colour, as well as skin sensitivity and colour, the type of laser to be used is determined. Lasers have characteristic precision features that allow for selective targeting. You can target coarse dark hair safely leaving the skin in vicinity undamaged. All this can be achieved in a quarter of a second. Any area on the face can be treated for hair reduction, except the eyelids, eyebrows and surrounding areas. Small areas like the temples, upper lips, jawline can be corrected for unwanted hair growth in less than a minute. In recent times, beard shaping via laser treatment has also gained much popularity.

With laser hair removal on the face or anywhere else, you can expect permanent solutions after 3–7 sessions.

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Benefits of Laser Hair Removal on the Face

2. How much does laser hair removal cost in India?

Laser hair removal of the face costs in India around Rs. 3500 to Rs. 8000 per area per session in India. It varies from one facility to another and depends on the expertise of the treating specialist. To point out a difference, it generally takes 2 or 3 weeks after the first session. For complete results, 8–12 sessions are required. You can attain quicker results with a reduced number of sessions by maintaining regular appointments. Skipping of sessions might lead to delay in treatment outcome as all the hair follicles are at different growth stages. For optimal to perfect results, one can go for top-up sessions every quarter or twice a year.

3. Factors affecting the cost of laser hair removal on the face in India

Keeping realistic expectations is the mainstay of laser treatment. As laser hair removal for the face cost in India is dependent on the number of sittings, a pre-planned budget is essential. Each sitting is weeks apart, which demands patience and zeal to carry on the treatment until you achieve a successful outcome. Apart from time, sessions are totally dependent on the texture of skin and quality, as well as quantity of hair growth. Thus, more sessions will make the procedure a costly affair.


  • The dimensions of the area to be treated.
  • The time required for the treatment, which in turn depends on the sensitive areas that require precision.
  • Number of sessions required for desired results.
  • On the expertise and experience of the treating specialist.
  • The quality and standards of the facility and equipment that you opt for the laser procedure.
  • Certain health conditions, like polycystic ovarian syndrome and hirsutism, require more sessions to achieve end results. Also, there is a cost to address the underlying hormonal issues.

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4. How is it done?

The mechanism of action of laser hair removal on the face is based on selective elimination of unwanted hair. It is achieved by directing a laser of wavelength 300 to 1200 nm to the root of hair follicles that are to be eliminated. The melanin in the roots absorb lights in the same range and get destroyed due to the heat generated. One such exposure takes a fraction of a second. 


  • The selected area is cleansed to get rid of the oil components of the skin.
  • The patient is positioned comfortably.
  • Both the patient and operator are made to wear protective eyewear.
  • All metallic objects like jewellery are to be removed which reflects light, away from the operating site.
  • The laser type is ascertained on the basis of the type of skin and hair. 
  • The laser device is held close to the skin and pressed gently, but firmly. The exposure cuts down the blood supply of that area temporarily, thereby damaging the hair follicle.
  • Some swelling and redness occurs around the hair follicle, despite laser machines having inbuilt cooling mechanisms.


  • Ice packs are advised to be used to get relief from redness and swelling.
  • Topical antibiotics are prescribed in case of some cellular damage or injury.
  • It is imperative to apply sunscreen post laser treatment.
  • Topical steroid creams are prescribed to alleviate pain, resulting from swelling and erythema.

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Take Away

Ultimately, it is an individual choice to feel comfortable in your own natural skin or to opt for that mushy feel of a puppy’s belly. Following the advancements in laser technology, the horizon has broadened far more than just waxing and shaving. While you may be allured to living a stubble free life, it is important to sneak a peek into the facts and figures of your medical health too.

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5. FAQs

Laser hair removal on the face is a completely safe and efficient procedure when done with due diligence, maintaining all hygienic protocols.

Laser hair removal is a fairly painless procedure compared to waxing and other hair reduction techniques, like epilation.

Laser hair removal on the face can attain permanent results after completing around 3–7 sessions of the treatment, as per skin variability and demands.

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