Best IPL Laser Hair Removal Price in India

Unwanted body hairs can make it difficult for you to wear your favorite party gowns or tank tops and you may want to get rid of them for obvious reasons. From our legs to face, arms, and underarms, we spend hours of our worthy time in shaving, waxing, and peeling those unsightly hairs to appear neat and well-groomed. However, all these conventional techniques are not only painful but provide temporary results, which means you have to wax or shave often to keep your body clear of unwanted hairs. And this is where IPL laser hair removal techniques come in handy to meet your beauty goals.

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  1. What is IPL Laser Hair Removal?
  2. How Does It Work?
  3. Benefits of IPL Laser Hair Removal
  4. Cost of IPL Laser Hair Removal in India
  5. Is it worth it?
  6. Take away
  7. FAQs

1. What is Intense Pulse Light (IPL) Laser Hair Removal?

Intense Pulse Light (IPL) laser hair removal is an advanced technique that involves the use of laser light pulses to damage the hair follicle beneath the dermis. Once the follicle gets damaged by repeated pulses of laser lights, it doesn’t grow further, thus providing permanent hair removal results. Intense Pulse Laser (IPL) hair removal is used by aestheticians across the globe to provide permanent hair removal results to their patients. This makes IPL a popular and sought-after hair removal method.

IPL Laser Hair Removal Benefits

2. How does it work?

During IPL hair removal sessions, your cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist uses a handheld flashgun to put pulses of the laser beam across the skin delivering a spectrum of light that targets melanin. The beam of light passes through the skin to reach the root or bulb of the hair ( the region that contains the highest concentration of melanin). As this light gets absorbed, the bulb and hair shaft gets heated and destroys the papilla which produces the hair. Apart from its implementation in hair removal, dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons widely use IPL treatments to remove blemishes, scars, moles, and dark spots from the skin to improve aesthetics in their patients. The IPL technology targets light energy accurately to remove scars, blemishes, and hair follicles on the targeted area. This light heats the cells in the body and breaks them down. The body then sheds the dead tissue naturally.

3. Benefits of Intense Pulse Light Laser Hair Removal

Before you take a plunge, let us guide you through some impressive benefits of IPL laser hair removal.

No more ingrown hair

Ingrown hair is a major problem that generally occurs after shaving, epilating, or waxing. With laser hair removal, you can bid adieu to such discomforting problems. The laser beam penetrating upper layers of your skin diligently works to destroy the roots of unwanted hair and slows down or prevent their regrowth on the treated area. Also, it minimizes the risk of getting bruises or burns that you may get during waxing. The best advantage of getting regular laser treatment is that it eliminates ingrown hairs entirely, which means you will not get them back again soon.

Permanent hair removal

The results of IPL hair removal are long-lasting, which means you won’t get the unwanted hair on the treated area back too soon. With repeated sessions, they would take weeks or months to grow back and the regrown hair is much thinner and sparse than ever.

No scars and no pain

Threading is probably the most painful technique of hair removal. At first, shaving may seem a convenient and painless method to remove unwanted body hair but it involves a high risk of getting cut or a bruise on your skin. In contrast, laser hair removal makes a fairly safe and convenient way to remove unwanted hair from your body.

4. Cost of IPL Laser hair removal in India

When we talk about IPL laser hair removal treatment, the first question that comes to a patient’s mind is how much does a single session costs? Usually, the average cost of IPL laser hair removal ranges from INR 1500 to 3000 per session. However, the price may vary for each patient and your dermatologist may calculate an estimated cost of your procedure after taking certain factors such as hair density and texture, area to be treated, skin type, professional expertise of the doctor etc. The procedure usually takes 30-40 minutes and is done under local anesthetics.

5. Should I try IPL laser hair removal treatment?

IPL laser hair removal treatments are highly admired by dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons for their long-lasting results and easy procedures. IPL laser hair removal is super quick and easy, with no time. It is a great value for money; if you take into consideration the cost of waxing for a lifetime, shaving, and other hair removal techniques, your IPL investment goes a long way. IPL permanently destroys the unwanted hair growth at the root level, which means new hairs will require a couple of weeks and even months with repeated sessions to grow back. The advanced technique saves you from wasting a lot of your precious time and protects you against messiness like that of waxing.

Take Away

IPL laser hair removal is an advanced procedure with no downtime. At Clair skin clinic, we have a team of dermatology experts and advanced technology to provide you with the best IPL hair removal services at the best price. We are located in South Delhi and are committed to delivering exceptional hair removal and skin care services to our patients.

5. FAQs

It's advisable for you to prep the area to be treated by shaving beforehand as any hair shaft interfering with the beam of light coming from the flashgun, obstructs the laser beam to penetrate deep into the follicle. Therefore, it’s necessary to shave the area to be treated before undergoing the procedure.

You may need around 6 sessions of IPL laser hair removal treatment to get rid of around 70% of hair permanently. Also, the way IPL works ensures that you don’t face the problem of ingrown hair in near future.