Best Non-Surgical Anti Aging Treatment

Skin aging starts as soon as you go past your teen years. Genes control the natural aging process known as intrinsic aging, and it shows up in the lines and wrinkles of your skin. The natural aging leads to loss of youthfulness and drier skin. Extensive aging depends on external factors like air pollutants and lifestyle choices. The external factor leads to premature aging and dull skin.

The telomere is the part of the chromosome, the size of which decreases with age. This is responsible for the aging of the skin. In the age of social media, younger skin makes you more confident and plays a major role in self-esteem. The other reason to replenish the skin is it is a part of a self-care regimen. Having glorious skin and hair is the dream of many. Thankfully in 2020, the anti aging treatment has improved, and by few anti-surgical methods, you can bring back your youthful skin.

The Benefit of Anti-Aging Treatment

You may have heard numerous anti-aging treatment creams and oil product that promises healthy skin. But have you thought about what the benefit of anti aging treatment is? Here are some of the benefits you should consider before visiting the best clinics for anti-aging treatment.


Exfoliation is a process that fosters skincare. It is one of the essential treatments that are necessary for maintaining skin health. Cosmetic treatment ensures better skin and makes it youthful and glowing. Dirt, excess oil, dead skin cells, and other litter clog the pores of your skin. It results in causing irritation and which can lead to infection and other harmful diseases. After exfoliation, the skincare products work more effectively as they easily get absorbed by your skin's pores. Exfoliation is done by dermabrasion, dermaplaning, and microneedling. This treatment opens the pores so your skin can breathe and take all the vitamins you are using.

Collagen and Elastin Stimulation

To stop the premature aging of your skin, the growth of collagen and elastin is crucial. These are the proteins responsible for maintaining the form and elasticity of your skin. Stimulating the growth of collagen and elastin helps in reducing the early signs of aging. In the body, as you grow older, the collagen and elastin start depleting, which results in wrinkles, fine lines, and laxity in the overall structure of the skin.

Introducing antioxidants and essential vitamins to the skin

The secret behind glowing skin is skin health. Jeopardizing the health of your body can lead to skin damage and dull skin. To ensure healthy skin, you need to introduce your skin to essential oil and antioxidants. The easiest way to ensure that your skin does not have a lack of vitamins is by using facial masks and creams. It absorbs the oils from the pores and typically enters into the skin. When you keep your skin healthy, it rejuvenates ingredients such as vitamin C to restore the health of your skin.

Best anti-aging treatment for healthier skin

If you are planning for skin rejuvenation treatment, then you can try out these non-surgical methods. Book an appointment in the best anti aging treatment clinic for better results.

Chemical Peel

In chemical peel anti aging treatment, a chemical solution is injected into the skin to remove the top layer. Once the top layer is removed, new skin grows back. This skin is comparatively smoother than the old one. Chemical peel anti aging treatment costs around Rs.1500 to Rs. 3000 per sitting. The procedure of chemical peel differs on skin type. Based on the issue you are facing, you can select the procedure you want.

  • Light chemical peel- A superficial chemical peel helps in removing the epidermis or top layer of skin. It treats uneven skin tone and wrinkles. The bright skin comes out after proper treatment that goes for 2-5 weeks.
  • Medium chemical peel- It is done to remove the uppermost layer epidermis and second layer dermis for the treatment. It is done when the skin has deeper issues of aging. It removes the layers for the growth of healthy skin.
  • Deep chemical peel- It is recommended by the doctor when you have deeper wrinkles. The treatment is done in deeper cells and helps in getting rid of aging.


Photofacial is a skincare non-surgical treatment that uses light-based treatment. It is done to boost collagen that helps to reduce the effects of aging. The treatment helps in replenishing the smooth skin and reducing the redness lightning of the skin. Different types of photo facial anti aging treatment help in rejuvenating your healthy skin. The two most popular treatments are intense-pulsed light (IPL) and LED (light-emitting diode). LED works better on minor treatment, while IPL is done for intense skin treatment. The procedure resolves the issue of brown patch or spots, boosting collagen and reducing acne-causing bacteria.


Platelet-rich plasma therapy is used for anti aging treatment. This substance is injected into the skin to initiate healing in the skin. This is done to promote collagen and eliminating the wrinkles and thin lines from the skin. This non-surgical treatment is invasive and lasts for a longer time. It has no side effects or an allergic reaction. The therapy regenerates the tissue and makes the skin smooth and young. The PRP anti aging treatment cost is highly expensive as the injections that are used for this procedure are costly.

Thread lift

The thread lift is a procedure done for the treatment of loose and dull skin. A medical-grade thread is inserted in your skin and then pulled out by tightening of your skin. Tread lift is done under a trained medical practitioner, and the whole process is completed in 40-50 minutes. Thread lift anti aging treatment cost is expensive as trained professionals do it with the utmost care.

Q- Switch laser

Q- Switch laser is an anti aging treatment done by a high-intensity beam of light. The laser beam lasts only for one-billionth of a second. The energy emitted from the beam of the laser is concentrated into powerful pulses. The Q-Switched laser is used for removing pigmentation, age spots, freckles, and skin rejuvenation. This treatment is performed by expert medical staff with exquisite technology. Go for this non-invasive treatment in the best anti aging treatment clinic.